How long does Friday night competition go for?
Answer: This depends on which age group your child is in, what stage of the season and how many parents are helping. The under 6 age group would be completed in approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours at the start of the season when numbers are at their highest and everyone is still getting used to what to do. Later in the season, the same age group could be completed in an hour. Overall our starting time is 5:30pm for Little Athletics and usually winds up around 8:00pm for the older age groups. Tiny Tots goes from 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

What happens on a Friday night?
Answer: The Athletes go around  to the events as an age  group and each child has a turn at a throw, jump or run. The results are recorded to show the child their improvement over the weeks and also to determine age group champions at the end of the season.

Is there a cut off for registrations?
Answer: Yes – you will have until the end of October to decide if you wish to compete with our club but there are no discounts for less nights.

You don’t coach children in what to do on a Friday night – why not?
Answer: Friday nights are for competition. We do have club coaches who can show the athletes techniques for  various events. These coaches are listed on our website pages.  We will have an orientation day before the season starts this year. We will provide instruction in basic techniques and also show parents what’s involved in being an age group supervisor on this day.

We always have a small number of club representatives who help the new age groups and new supervisors over the first few weeks when the season starts.

How can I become a qualified coach?

Answer: If you would like to become a qualified coach we can assist you. Learn to Coach days are run at various times during the season.

I’m not sure if my child will like athletics – can he/she trial?
Answer: It is too hard for us to track who is trialling and who isn’t so we don’t offer trial periods. Perhaps come down when the season starts, have a look to see if you and your child like it and register later. Keep in mind, the first few weeks are extremely busy.

Do I have to help?
Answer: The more help from parents the quicker the night will be. Our sport requires more help from parents than most other sports and with  630 registering athletes in our 2013/2014 season and each of them competing at the same venue, having all of their throws, jumps and races timed and recorded individually, does take some effort.

If your child competes at Zone, Region or State then you will be allocated a task which usually takes up one – two hours. We are allocated these tasks by Little Athletics and they do need to be done.