Our Volunteers & Committee

 Our Volunteers & Committee

Our current volunteers are a great group of supportive like-minded parents; we welcome all new volunteers so come and make some new friends. Our Club relies on volunteers to operate. Our Committee is also made up of volunteers and cannot run the night without your help, so we need as many parents to assist as possible to ensure the Club operates efficiently so that Friday night competitions finish at a reasonable hour.

Other key roles on a Friday competition night include:

Age Group Supervisors: Responsible for leading the Age Group to events on Friday night competitions; coordinating parents of the children to assist with time keeping, raking, recording, measuring etc. Informing the group and parents of upcoming events; issuing results; encouraging children; promoting good sportsmanship; and safety.

Equipment Set up: Strong dads are encouraged to assist with the set up of hurdles and high jump mats from 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon and if possible at the conclusion of final events.

Timekeepers: The timekeeping on the 400m oval track is controlled by the track manager, parents are however asked to help with place judging. The straight track has a fully electronic  “Timing Solutions” gated System. This was added in the 2013-2014 season and has been an invaluable addition for timing and placing the Athletes. We do ask that parents please help keep the athletes in their lanes at the end of each event.

Canteen: Any parent who could assist on BBQ or in the canteen before or during competition nights would be greatly appreciated (even for ½ an hour). A Roster is in place for each age group.

The canteen is our primary fund raiser and ALL proceeds stay in the club. It is crucial the canteen is open. In recent seasons we have built 2 additional long jump run ups and purchased, amongst other items new high jump bags, all because of the support shown to the canteen.

Our Committee:

 PRESIDENT:  Gavin Brimble
 VICE PRESIDENT:  Janine Mladin
 SECRETARY:  Toni Scott
 TREASURER:  Lana Hudson
 REGISTRAR:  Veronique Jackson
 RECORDER:  Veronique Jackson
 CANTEEN:  Tracy Kalzuyn
 UNIFORM:  Kylie Johnson
Relay Coordinator Lawrence Demasi
First Aid Allison Waine
General Committee Melissa Gibson
General Committee Jason Waine
General Committee Norm Campbell
General Committee Steve Cooper
Sub Committee Chris Johnson
Sub Committee Andrew Hreszczuk