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Monday, 28 August 2023

To all our athletes and their families.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances well beyond our control, we have been forced to cancel our sessions for the under 6 to under 17 years age groups for what would have been our first competition night. Currently one of the light towers is not operational and we were advised this would remain the case for Friday 1st September. Having no lights in this area, therefore poses a safety risk to the events being conducted. This tower has not been in operation for many months and has been in the hands of Camden council.

Our season has always started on the first Friday of September and our booking for the commencement of our season was completed months ago. We would have hoped that this maintenance would have been completed in time for our season. As a club we are in constant contact with Camden Council about this issue. We are assured they are working with contractors to rectify the situation as soon as possible. We will continue to work with Council to provide updates to you and find a suitable solution for the weeks ahead. We will work with them to ensure we are able to commence our competition on Friday 8th September.

Please keep up to date via our Facebook page, by downloading the Stack Team App (more details on the App to come during the week) and via email. As a committee, we too are disappointed the season is not commencing as we have worked hard to get to this point to launch the season. We apologise for this inconvenience, however, hope you appreciate our position and understand that this is well beyond Camden Athletics Club’s responsibility and control.

The Tiny Tots session will still go ahead commencing at 4:30pm as lights aren’t required for this session.

Two extra registration pack pick-up sessions are now scheduled for:

  • Friday 1st September from 4-7pm
  • Wednesday 6th September from 6-8pm.


Camden Athletic Club Committee